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You should be afraid of your Business competition, which never worries you, but is always working to improve your own business.
When a Businessman starts a business for the first time, he has to face the fact that there are already other businesses in the market that are offering the same or similar products or services, after knowing that almost all the businessmen Trustworthiness staggers – it is simple but good businessmen are still facing it. Some do not start fearing and some are returned. But now you don’t have to be afraid.
Be lucky – there are some hidden advantages of competition – you have to say that you have two markets to start the business, the first one where you have no competitor. And another market where there is even more rival related to your business. So which one will you choose – more and more people will say that we will choose where our opponent is not – but blame if we say that you should choose the place where your opponent is.
“Why” because you know from the beginning that there is a customer for that product, in that market only then your competitor is sitting in that market. The biggest risk to the people is that whether our product is the customer in the market or not. So this risk is over you.
The existence of the market means that you are on the right side of the iron rule of the market from the beginning. Now you do not have to take time to prove that the market exists.
Instead, you can spend more time developing your product or you can develop a better product than your competitor. If many successful businesses are serving a market, then there is no worry that you are investing in a closed street business. You already know that people are buying.
The best way to see what your potential competitors are doing is to become a customer. Purchase products from as many competitors as possible. By observing your competition from within, you can learn a lot more about the market: what the competition offers, how they attract attention, how much they pay, how they sell, how they make customers happy, how do they deal with problems?
And most important is to notice what requirements they are not meeting. Before being devoted to a particular strategy, you as a customer have a chance to see what works, and what doesn’t, learn everything you can from your competitors, and then also ask them Make valuable things.

Competition barrier –  

Do not compete with the competition making them irrelevant. If you do not waste too much time and energy on what your competition is doing, and spend it in your business, then it will be good for your business.
Think of a company like Apple – there is no other company in the technology world that focuses less on its competitors. Instead, it focuses on creating an entirely new and remarkable thing, then tries to make it more and more ideal.
On the other hand, Apple’s competitors are engaged in endless competition to compete. When Apple launched iPhone in 2006, blackberry copied many of its various features by creating a storm in the calamity. By the time Storm came on the market, the iPhone had gone through several iteration cycles, making it very difficult for blackberry to compete.
Apple has sold more than 100 million iPhones throughout the world so far.  
Every improvement you make to your value flow improves your position, and makes it more difficult for your potential competitors to compete.
Not only do you increase your ability to create and deliver value efficiently and effectively, but you also make it more difficult for your competitors to copy.

The more you benefit and serve every customer, the more difficult it is for competitors to copy you. Do not focus on competing. Your competition will end automatically. Thank you!

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