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Friends, today we will tell you about some Movies dialogue of our Indian cinema which is a message for every businessman who wants or is starting his own business. do you know that many movies are made on the way to start and run Bollywood movies Dialogues for example: bazaar movie is changing the mindset of Indian people about doing business. On this blog, we have listed some best Bollywood movies for the enterprising businessman which you can easily remember and get down in your business life.

Experiment and implement in business

Bigger Business… Not Big Money, Bigger Ideas

Bigger Business… Not Big Money, Bigger Ideas

You know friendship, every big brand has started with just one idea. Every businessman has a vision, which is made with an idea.

Presentation is everything

Movies Dialogues


It was necessary to get a businessman to do business… Money should not be money, it was necessary for business.

Friends, this dialogue is very close to my heart, no matter if you are new in business, but make sure that your customers feel confident in your thoughts and proposals, so friends, first of all you look like a true businessman, walk. And speaking is important. There is a famous saying “Money only attracts money”. Although you may not believe it, but it is true..


If you are marketing .

Movies Dialogues

Porcupine business is the same when you have no problem … sell solutions

You should know how to sell this product. If you sell the problem then you cannot achieve much, but if you are selling the solution to the problem then you can get results.


Movies Dialogues

hundred percent total dedication to one client … start to finish no compromise 

Friends do you know that getting a client is not difficult, but retaining your client is definitely very difficult. To ensure that the customer comes to you, you need to show dedication and commitment to the customer that is present.

Transparency and accountability  

Movies Dialogues

Sometimes it is better to stop losses

It is definitely necessary to earn Benefit to run a successful business. But there is also a need to become a Transparency and Accountability practitioner, which is Foresight to prevent any future loss or damage.
For this, study your market regularly. Know the external factors that can affect your business evident or indirectly. And finally, be prepared with a backup plan if things eventually go down.

respect your business 

Movies Dialogues

No business is small and no religion is bigger than business,

It is true that if you want to start a business, then you need to know yourself as a big businessman. But don’t let the thought go in your head and feel that you are above any hard work. To become an expert you need to start from the bottom, you make mistakes but learn from them and find a way around it.

courage insid

Movies Dialogues


No business is bigger than a man’s courage

To start your business or to make it successful, all you need is courage. No business is greater than a person’s courage. If you dare to dream, you must try to fulfill it.

Team Leader 

Movies Dialogues

Not a business number, business people are…. Just people!

Many businessmen have been known to treat their employees poorly. But the results may not have been good for the company. But when you consider your employees as an asset, you may be surprised by the results.

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