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Transportation vs Logistics are two parts that are very important for both delivery services and they are different. Transportation handles goods and Logistics Materials oversees both the inward and outward flow of materials from manufacturing to consumer. Transportation vs Logistics
The movement of these goods is also known as transport. While few use these words, both of these are two aspects of the supply chain. Therefore Logistics and Transport once confuse everyone. If you are looking for supply chain logistics then you should know this.

Logistics Service 

Logistics produces and receives and delivers materials and products to the end user in the right quantity in the right quality. Logistics has the most efficient and effective warehouses for goods and services, and also includes processes for transportation and planning for management and implementation.
Logistics sends from source point to consumer to meet and meet customer demand. Both benefits and functions in logistics are different from transportation services.
Proper planning is the first step to complete a task. Such as: acquiring products, facility to store material and transportation to deliver products to end users. Logistics Transportation plays a major role in increasing the company’s efficiency.
Operation in customization has an important role.
Warehouse management is part of effective supply chain management, Warehouse Management and Logistics management depends on the type of goods you and we are using.

Transport Service 

Transport and delivery is very important for the existence of efficient transport service. Transport company efficient transportation analysis is the best method of effective packaging along the delivery route in a low cost, and also ensures the safety of goods.
Transport Services – Carrying goods and services, people and animals from one place to another by rail, road, air, sea, cable, space or pipeline. Transport services are divided into three distinct areas: infrastructure, vehicles and operations and transportation.
When planning the shipment process, it is very important to have a mode of transportation. For example, road transport has many advantages:
  • cost effectiveness
  • Quick and scheduled delivery
  • Flexible service – Flexible service 
  • Completing door-to-door services
Transportation is one of the most economical means for goods and services. As new technology continues to grow and is improving, the logistics industry as well as the logistics industry has been greatly impacted.
It is necessary to be in a highly competitive transportation and delivery service industry which can cause physical production capacity as well as at a low cost. Customers are always demanding better services than what technology can only provide.


Logistics and transportation are interconnected to transport any product and services from one place to another, you can say that Logistics and transportation are used with interchangeability, But the only difference is that you can go to warehouse, transportation, cataloging, material handling and packing of goods in Logistics. But near transportation can only go for materials movement. 
Working with Logistics can well organize multiple roles of your supply chain. Whether you are a small or medium sized businessman.



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