Warehouse outbound process flow

Warehouse outbound process flow-WH Blog-11

Warehouse outbound process flow is initiated under a systematic operation procedure with documents and planning, so that any Material going out of the warehouse can be transferred or sent to the Customer and vendor, and can be easily Managed .The Outbound process involves a lot of process and there are different complexities in performing these activities. But if the outbound process flow of your warehouse is good then you will be able to manage it easily.
The outbound process in the warehouse consists of the following process with the following document, which you will know step by step here.
Warehouse outbound process flow

Sales-Incharge > Production planning > Step-01 

1. Download Customer order or delivery number in excel sheet from SAP
2. Distribute customer orders into 3 parts on priority, such as urgent, SALES and stock transfer orders.
3. Prepare the picklist and picklist. This department has to be managed very smartly because it requires speed and efficiency.
Picking strategies allow warehouses to better select products for the type and quantity of orders they process. Here are some examples of choosing a strategy:
Zone picking -Peaks are divided into zones wise in the warehouse, they are responsible for peaking the area in time. If there are many items in a single order for several zones, then that order will go to different zones and done by many pickers.
Batch picking – Selects all orders for a batch at the same time. In this, the quantity of material of all the orders is picked together, and while packing it is distributed on the basis of customer, this is usually done when it is to be packed.
Batch picking reduces travel time within a warehouse, which is according to the supply chain. 
4. Print the pick list and pack list and summary sheet
4. Hand over the pick list to picking supervisor and take the acknowledgement on summary sheet.

Picker > picking > Step-02 

1. Picklist collects from supervisor and segregate zone or location wise
2. Supervisor Update Picklist in Control Register and distribute Picklist to Picker
3. Go to locations with Picking trolley in location sequence as per Pick List 
4. Match Material code in picklist with part in bin location .If not found item in bin location then inform to supervisor to resolve. If yes pick the required Qty.
5. Enter picking end time in control register 
6. Handover picked materials to Packing section along with pack list

Packer > Packing > Step-03 

Start packing More focus on QUALITY packing and Start packing and follow the Fourteen “R” Packing rules and sequence
1. Right Pack list: have taken the right picked material and pack list?
2. Right Part: are you packing the right PART number?
3. Right Quality: are you packing the good quality part?
4. Right description: have you checked the description?
5. Right MOQ: are you packing the right Material order quantity?
6. Right Quantity: have you checked that you packed the right Quantity?
7. Right carton: have you used right cartons/consumables in packing?
8. Right MRP: have you checked that right MRP is affixed?
9. Right coupon: Have you checked that right coupon is affixed if coupon applicable?
10. Right marking: have you done the right marking?
11. Right Filler Material: – Have you used the right filler material and good packing?
12. Right Case Tag: have you generated and affixed the right case tag on box?
13. Right Weight: Have you weighed and written the weight on the right box?
14. Right strapping: have you strapped the box correctly? Do the amendment in pack l ist in any. Scan the pack list for completion.

Sales Supervisor > planning and invoicing -Step-04 

Production planning and execution
1. Now sales supervisor will collect the pack list with materials boxes from packing section.
2. Check with the summary that was given during issuing the pick list to
packing section.
3. If not then recheck with packing section and get left any pack list with them.
4. If there is any dynamic error during PGI (Post goods issue) then follow-up with field and HO.
5. Now do the invoicing. 
6. Get the invoice printing. 
7. Get the printed invoice signed from authorized person 
8. For dispatch, put all documents in an envelope and allow to dispatch. 
9. file the documents in box file 
10. Permit generate or Apply if applicable 

Dispatch Supervisor > consolidation> Step-05

1. Packed box to be moved in consolidation area or HD rack zone.
2. Write the Heavy-Duty rack location number on pack list where package material is moved in. 
3. Scan the pack list and download the location and mover name in file .

Dispatch Supervisor > Dispatch > Step-06 

Dispatch planning, preparation and FINAL dispatch
1. Prepared production plan as per SAP system.
2. Print the ready to dispatch PLAN. 
3. Prepare LOADING sheet . 
4. Hand over the forwarding note and documents to consolidation area – floor staff 
5. Floor staff will pick the case from consolidation area and move to Pre-dispatch area. 
6.Hand over the documents and packed boxes to transporters ( Forwarding note, road permit if   applicable, pack statement , invoice. Dispatch incharge ensures that all boxes handed over to   transporter are properly packed , strapped , weighted , no damaged box given .
7.Take the acknowledgement on forwarding note with al l documents from transporters.
8. Transporter checks the boxes as per case no mentioned in forwarding note and AFFIX the transporter docket stickers on each box
9. Transporter makes the GC and mentioned the details on it Permit no , permit expiry date, customer name , customer full address, destination , state document

Supervisor >Dispatch > Step-07 

Dispatch planning, preparation and FINAL dispatch, documents filing.
1. Prepared the loading sheet 
2. Loading supervisor will check each case number as per loading sheet while transporter loading the vehicle and Get the sign from transporter and security guard and self signature also.

DEO>Dispatch >Step-08 

Shipment creating and complete  
collect the complete set of documents from transporter and Check the all documents with forwarding note and complete the shipment process in System in SAP. 

Here we talked about the warehouse outbound working process.
There are many points that we have to skip like this: Order processing, ordering etc. Because all this was not possible in a blog. But we will cover it one by one in the next blog. If you want any help related to warehouse process or system or you have any suggestions, you can email us. Thank you !

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