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The Main Objective of a warehouse is to store the goods properly using scientific methods and process handling. It is understood that, for example, some goods are produced only in a particular season. And warehousing is required to ensure their availability in the off season. If there is no warehouse, the material will not be available in the off season. And on the other side

Some items are produced throughout the year, but they are demanded in a particular season. Warehousing is very important in such cases. Warehousing is very important for some companies making mass production and selling in bulk. Quick supply ensured from warehousing companies. 

Warehouse companies are important for the continuous production of goods. Warehousing is also important for price stabilization. For essential commodities, the government stores them in warehouses and regulates its supply in the market according to price fluctuations.
Any big business will first buy the goods from manufacturing company and keep it in its warehouse and then sell it. Warehousing can be defined as a function that provides an appropriate place to secure goods, and provides a system to financially coordinate the necessary activities, facilities, and manpower, and the overall operation and Provides for control.
Warehousing refers to temporary storage of goods or materials, which are then sold or distributed if costomer need. The most efficient storage operations are those that carefully align supply with demand.


Their stock levels meet the needs of the business, though never excessive or low. The higher the warehouse efficiency, the lower the facility and the greater its potential profitability.
The contents of each warehouse may be different, the function may be different, the control or operation system may be different, but the purpose is almost the same. example:

To store goods efficiently-

If you want to keep any kind of goods, then you have to keep it according to the right way and goods. Otherwise the goods may be defective, broken, etc. 
Items are stored well in a warehouse after production until they are demanded by consumers. And can be provided immediately on order, at which time customer demand can be met quickly.

Using labor and equipment effectively.

For any Warehouse you want to run, it will require labor and equipment and you will have to use it effectively.


Efficient movement of goods.

This is the Second objective of any Warehouse, that the movement of goods must be done effectively and on time, so that the customer feels happy.

First aim to, Maximum protection of items. 

The first objective of a Warehouse is to provide maximum protection of goods, such as a savings account.

What is the function of warehouse?

The work of warehouse is also almost the same, it depends on the size of the goods and the warehouse. But the common process is:
  • Material Receipt
  • Material checking quality and quantity
  • Material storage in bin location 
  • Daily bin audit or Monthly audit
  • Material Picking & Packing
  • Material dispatch
  • House keeping
  • Documentation
After Receipt of Material, Quality and Quantity have to be thoroughly investigated. The Material is then to be taken to the bin location accordingly. Then the right material picking and packing for customer order, and dispatch timely, when the customer orders. If you want to know step by step about warehouse function, then for that we will bring a separate blog.


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