What is the purpose of marketing in business

What is the purpose of marketing in business?- BM Blog-20

 Purpose of marketing in business? : Providing value in any business is not enough. If someone is not in public (or does not even care) about what you are presenting, it does not matter how much value you generate. No business can survive without marketing – if people do not know that you are present in this business, then they cannot buy what you offer and if people are not interested in your offering, So they will not pay as customers.
Successful businesses find a way to attract attention and arouse their interest in their product or service by marketing the right people. Without potential customers, you will not be able to sell anything, and without making a profitable sale, you will not be able to sell anything and without making a profitable sale your business will stop.
Marketing is the art and knowledge of finding “potential customers” – potential customers are people who have an active interest in your product. The best businesses in the world were looking for ways to attract the attention of good potential customers quickly and sparingly. The more customers you attract, the more profitable your business will be. Marketing and sales differ, although “direct marketing” strategies often seek to attract attention and minimize the time between purchase requests, marketing and sales are both different things.
Marketing is about attracting attention; Sales, which we will talk about later, in simple terms, sales is about selling goods or services.

Business marketing people struggle to attract attention. Because people will not pay attention to you, you will lose. 


In modern life, so many things grab your attention that don’t ask. Think about all those things, which are fighting among themselves to grab your attention at this time; Some work has to be done, people have to call, check email, watch TV, listen to music, and go to the website. Every human has a lot of things to do and time is a lot of work to do them all.
The first rule of marketing is that of your potential customer. It takes so much attention to walk along with everything that happens in your world, that you cannot really give. To make up for this, you filter.
You cut your attention, you allocate more attention to the things you care about, and you allocate less attention to the things you don’t care about. This is what every human being does and that includes your potential customer.
To get someone’s attention, you have to go beyond its filters. High gurgling attention has to be earned. When you want to attract someone’s attention, it is useful to stop and remember that for this you are competing with everything else in their world. To grab attention, you must find a way to make it more interesting or useful than competitiveness.
If people do not care about what you are doing, then attention does not matter. If you just want to draw attention, then don’t get upset with the supreme advice: Wear a pink rabbit shoot, jump on the road and keep shouting at the throat.
This will give you all the attention of the people as much as you want, but in the case of business, it is better not to get many types of attention.
You want to attract the attention of those potential customers, eventually you are wasting your time buying goods from them. It’s a good thing to be the center of attention, but business is not about winning as much as in the race for popularity, but about making profitable sales. It is best to come on national television or to publish an article about you on a big website, but often this kind of extensive publicity is not able to get real sales.

This drama of socialism does not help anyone, but the amount of time and energy you put into it makes use of the amount of resources, which can help you generate true value for your customers. You should always get the attention of people who are more likely to buy from you. These are the foundation of building your business.  Thank You!

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